How to Create a Vision Board

I’ve been feeling very inspired as of late, and I had the urge to create my very first vision board. A vision board, similar to a mood board, can be used as a tool to help visualize your personal goals. A vision board can be created physically or digitally, and can be designed any way you want. The important thing is to create something that is most visually appealing to you and represents the goals you want to achieve.

Due to lack of materials, I chose to create mine digitally. One of the benefits of creating one digitally is that I have an image that I can use as my desktop or phone wallpaper. I think this is the best option for me, because I’m constantly using my laptop and phone. I’ve been on the hunt for an affordable grid that I can hang up on my wall to create a physical vision board, but for now, my digital one will have to do.

I created mine in InDesign, but you can create one with PicMonkey if you don’t want to pay for it, or you can cut and paste a bunch of photos onto a board. I scrolled through Pinterest and found some images that represent my goals for the new year. If you want to read about my goals, you can check out my previous blog post.

Now onto what I put on my board:

2018 Vision Board.jpg


I found some quotes that inspire me to chase after my dreams and inspire me to live in the moment.

Healthy Food + Drinks

I’ve been wanting to eat healthier, and I’ve been wanting to try out different types of fruit-infused water. I’m also on the lookout for some yummy smoothie recipes to make with the Magic Bullet I got for Christmas!

Polaroids + Journal

I thought these photos were visually appealing and they inspire me to write more by hand. Fun Fact: I really want to pick up hand lettering as a hobby.

Home Inspo

With my graduation date soon approaching, I’ve started the apartment hunting process. I can only hope that my first place is as cute as this one!


Let me know in the comments what kinds of things you plan on putting on your own vision board!