Valentine's Day Treats You Need To Try

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and whether you’ll be spending the day with a special someone, or you’ll be binge watching Netflix alone at home, I’ve got some delicious holiday-themed treats for you to enjoy either way. All of them are so easy that they can be made anywhere — seriously, I made them from my dorm room! Here are three Valentine’s Day recipes that you need to try:

“Cupid” Float


I found this drink on Pinterest, and thought it was the cutest thing. Of course, mine didn’t turn out as visually appealing as the one in the photos, but it was still delicious! The only things you need to make it are Cherry 7UP, vanilla ice cream and a straw of your choice. The recipe says you can use red Twizzlers, but I opted for these cute heart straws that I found at Dollar Tree (because the Twizzlers I bought were too small to drink out of). If you don’t like 7UP, any red soda will do. To make it, you simply scoop some ice cream into a cup or jar, and then pour in the soda. If it starts fizzing too much, tilt the cup to the side and pour the soda at an angle. Top it off with a cute ribbon or twine to make for a perfect Instagram-worthy photo.

Valentine’s Day Popcorn


This snack turned out to be my favorite, because it was the perfect mix of sweet and salty. To make it, you’ll need: a bag of popcorn, white chocolate chips, holiday-themed M&M’s, and sprinkles. To start off, you pop the popcorn first, and then the white chocolate so that the chocolate doesn’t harden before the popcorn is done. The best way to melt the chocolate chips is to follow the instructions on the bag. Once the popcorn is popped and the chocolate is melted, you pour the white chocolate on top, and then sprinkle M&M’s and sprinkles all over. This recipe can be made any time of year, and you can switch up what you sprinkle on top. Some people have mentioned using marshmallows instead of white chocolate. You can also get different M&M’s and sprinkles to match whatever holiday it happens to be.

Heart-shaped White Chocolate Bark Bites


Are you wondering what you’ll be doing with all those leftover ingredients? Just keep reading. This next recipe calls for the exact ingredients in the previous one, except you’ll need a heart-shaped mold instead of popcorn. To make this adorable bite-size candy, you’ll need to fill the bottom of the hearts in the mold with the M&M’s and sprinkles. Then you’ll melt the white chocolate chips and pour on top. Let them sit in the fridge to harden for about an hour. Once you pop them out of the molds, you’ll have the cutest little treats. This is a perfect way to use up all those Valentine’s Day sprinkles so they don’t end up sitting in your cabinet for years.

If you don’t already have Valentine’s Day plans, you can spend the day making and eating these delicious treats with friends or family. They’re also perfect for those of you who need a last-minute gift idea (who doesn’t love food) or need to plan a last minute date night. Let me know if you try any of these recipes in the comments!