February 2018 Favorites + Playlist

This week, I’m continuing my monthly favorites series and sharing with you all of my favorites from the month of February:

Body Care


Lately, I’ve been loving Lush’s Once Upon A Time body lotion. Around Christmas time, my mom picked some of this up when we went into Lush for the first time. I loved it so much and kept using hers that I had to go back and buy myself some. The scent is a mixture of apple, lemon and lime. Unfortunately, it was part of Lush’s 2017 Christmas collection, so I can only hope that it returns next Christmas! 




I’ve had my Fitbit Blaze for over a year now, but stopped wearing it for months because I forgot to charge the battery and put it in a drawer and forgot about it. I’ve recently seen a lot of people I know wearing their own Fitbits or Apple Watches, so I decided to bring mine back out again. I love it, because it encourages me to be more active and has a lot of the same features as an Apple watch, except it’s a lot cheaper. I’ve even had multiple people confuse it with an Apple Watch!




This one I was unsure of at first. I was searching for a new show to watch on Netflix and I saw a blogger I follow recommend The End of the F***ing World. It’s a Netflix original about a psychopath named James and a rebellious girl named Alyssa. They embark on a journey that has its ups and downs, and leaves you at the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next. The show was very cringe-worthy at the beginning, and I’m not sure whether it got better later on or I got used to it after a couple of episodes. Either way, I ended up accidentally binge-watching the whole season in one night because I got so addicted. The show only consists of eight 20-minute episodes, so it was very easy to do. I’m already impatiently waiting for an announcement of a second season.




Speaking of bloggers I follow, I’ve been keeping up with their blogs on the Bloglovin’ app. You can follow all your favorite bloggers, and then it compiles everyone’s blog posts into a news feed, making it easy to browse through them every morning while eating your Lucky Charms. I recently figured out how to connect my blog, so now you can follow me on there and get instant updates every time I upload a new post!




This month was full of great music for me! The band I was obsessed with this past month was Boys of Fall. They not only released their newest single “Chasing Lonely” at the beginning of February, but they also played a show at the Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis on February 11. This was their first tour that they had played in years, and I think they absolutely killed it. The thing that surprised me the most was how few people were singing along to their songs. I’ve only known about this band for about a year, but I think every pop punk fan should give these boys a listen. I’ve even included another playlist of the top 10 songs I’ve been rocking out to this month. Enjoy some shots I took at the show:


Until next time,