Below are a collection of pieces I have compiled during my time at The Franklin and TheStatehousefile.com.

Syringe Exchange Programs

 For this story, I traveled to Austin, IN, where I followed closely behind a group of volunteers who were participating in a needle cleanup day. This story was published on WTHR Channel 13's website.

Legislator Pushes for Death With Dignity Law 

For part of my senior project, I wrote a story on an Indiana legislator who continues pushing for a Death with Dignity Law in Indiana after been shut down two consecutive years. To see the full project, click here.

Steve SeRine Feature

Countless conversations I had while waiting in line at Sodexo to get my General Tso's chicken on Fridays led to a feature on the man serving me the chicken himself. Listen to Steve' SeRine's story and learn about his many talents below.

Indiana's HIV Laws

A story I was working on during HIV Advocacy Day at the Indiana Statehouse led to the uncovering of an even bigger story. Read the story of a few HIV-positive individuals and learn about Indiana's current HIV laws below.. This story was published on NUVO's website.